A Placemaking-Based Transportation Seminar

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WHO: Everyone-Transportation professionals, elected officials, developers and concerned citizens alike
WHAT: A two-day Streets, Transportation, and Placemaking training seminar

WHEN: March 27-28, 2008

WHERE: Audubon House, New York, NY

WHY: More and more people are realizing the important impact that both transportation and placemaking can have on communities - the time for change to occur is now!

Specific topics will include:

  • Context Sensitive Solutions - designing streets and roads for community outcomes and benefits
  • Walkability - designing streets to link destinations
  • Transit (Thinking Beyond the Station) - how to create transit stops and stations that function as places in communities
  • Land Use - how smart land use decisions can leverage transportation investments most effectively
  • Placemaking on Streets - a series of tools and techniques for designing streets as places
  • Community Engagement - how to do it effectively and without pain
  • How to engage transportation agencies to get the outcomes you want for your community
  • Street Management - how to manage through BIDs/Partnerships/Alliances
  • Long Range Transportation Planning and Project Development- engaging stakeholders in making important decisions about long-term transportation investments
  • Developing a Citywide or Statewide Transportation Campaign







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