Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition(続報)






Ken Smith Workshop

Ken Smith Landscape Architect is an award winning landscape architecture firm committed to excellence in public spaces. The firm has relevant experience from many projects, including our largest project, the 1,450-acre Orange County Great Park in California. Experience and experimentation are combined with the goal of producing landscapes of the highest conceptual and artistic quality. Read More

Stoss Landscape Urbanism

Stoss Landscape Urbanism is a Boston-based, collaborative design and planning studio led by Chris Reed.  Stoss emphasizes a landscape-based urbanism, one in which ecology and infrastructure and culture and economy can inform each other and can enrich the city and city-life.  Stoss works primarily in the public realm on complex projects: the Fox Riverfront, The CityDeck, and Farlin Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Erie Street Plaza along the Riverwalk in Milwaukee; the Bass River Park on Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Herinneringspark in regional West Flanders, Belgium; the Detroit Works Project in Michigan; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston; and Common Spaces Plaza at Harvard University.  The firm’s work and unique approach to landscape and urbanism have been recognized internationally: winner of the 2010 Topos International Landscape Award; twice a finalist in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards; and awards from Progressive Architecture, the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Boston Society of Architects. Read More


 Tom Leader Studio, Tom Leader, Principal, (TLS) is a landscape architecture and planning practice that seeks to investigate the uniqueness of cities and their landscapes. Community collaboration is central to TLS in civic projects such as the newly-opened 20 acre Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  The TLS project “Shanghai Carpet” has been featured in the Museum of Modern Art’s 2005 “Groundswell” exhibit. TLS was also included in the 2006 Triennial “Design Life Now” at the Cooper Hewitt Museum.  The landscape, art and architecture collaboration, “Pool Pavilion Forest” with artist James Turrell was featured in the New York Times Magazine and received a 2009 ASLA Honor Award. A monograph of the firm’s work “Tom Leader Studio: Three Projects” has been recently published by Princeton Architectural Press. Read More


Our team is led by Turenscape, an internationally renowned landscape architecture, urban design, and architecture firm in Beijing, China. Turenscape has won an unprecedented eight national ASLA awards over the last eight years, most of them for poetic and powerful urban waterfront parks. Turenscape’s founder, Dr. Kongjian Yu, will be Principal in Charge and lead designer of our team. Turenscape principal, Ling Shihong, will be Turenscape’s project manager. Kongjian and Ling recently led the design and implementation of Houtan Park, a waterfront regeneration framework and catalytic open space for Shanghai’s successful World Expo 2010. Read More



バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design

ASLA Annual Meeting 2017 / Los Angeles

商業店舗におけるバイオフィリックデザイン採用のメリット/The Benefits of Biophilia and Greenery in Retail