The 6 sins of greenwashing/グリーンウォッシュ




先週発行した造園管理のサイト”Landscape Management”のニュースに、グリーンウォッシュと批判されないための留意事項や判断基準が紹介されています。



  1. Sin of the Hidden Trade-Off: Products such as “energy-efficient” electronics that contain hazardous materials. 998 products and 57% of all environmental claims committed this sin.
  2. Sin of No Proof: Products claiming to be “certified organic,” but with no verifiable certification.
  3. Sin of Vagueness: Products claiming to be natural when many naturally occurring substances are hazardous, like arsenic and formaldehyde.
  4. Sin of Irrelevance: Products claiming to be CFC-free, even though CFCs were banned 20 years ago.
  5. Sin of Fibbing: Products falsely claiming to be certified by an internationally recognized environmental standard like EcoLogo, Energy Star, WaterSense or Green Seal.
  6. Sin of Lesser of Two Evils: Organic cigarettes or “environmentally friendly” pesticides. It’s better to forego cigarettes and the use of synthetic pesticides entirely, claims TerraChoice.



The 6 sins of greenwashing:




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