Best Careers 2009: Landscape Architect




昨年末にU.S.NEWSがTHE 30 Best Careersと題して、有望な職業を紹介しています。

マネジメントコンサルタント(MBAホルダー)や獣医師、珍しい職能としてはAudiologist(聴覚学者)やOptometrist(検眼士)が紹介されており、Landscape Architectもランクインしています。

このデータによると、Landscape Architectの平均年収は$64,200(18位)ですが仕事の満足度やプレステージ、将来展望はA評価となっています。



A Day in the Life. You've started a new assignment: designing the landscape for a school district's administration center. You've already met with the developer, project architect, civil engineer, hydrologist, and government regulators. Today, you're considering the site's sun patterns, land slopes, and soil characteristics. You read the results of a questionnaire you gave to the site's future users, trying to figure out what would make their experience most pleasant and efficient. Then, using a computer-design program, you sketch out a first draft of the site's land grading, building placement, walkways, and roadways, along with decorative features such as plantings and a fountain. Next, you head out to the work site for a walk-through, documenting your stroll with a camcorder. You get excited as you set up a meeting to present your draft plan to the client. If only you didn't have to spend two days writing a sheaf of land use and environmental documents for the government.



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Best Careers 2009: Landscape Architect:




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