Guidance for Federal Agencies on Sustainable Practices for Designed Landscapes



  • Do no harm: Avoid changes to the site that will degrade the natural environment and promote reuse and improvement of sites with previous disturbance or development.

  • Precautionary principle: Do not create risk to human and environmental health. Examine a full range of alternatives—including no action.

  • Design with nature and culture: Create and implement designs that are responsive to economic, environmental, and cultural conditions at local and regional levels.

  • Use a decision-making hierarchy of preservation, conservation, and regeneration: Maximize and mimic the benefits of ecosystem services by preserving existing environmental features, conserving resources in a sustainable manner, and regenerating lost or damaged ecosystem services.

  • Use a systems thinking approach: Understand and value the relationships in an ecosystem and sustain ecosystem services; strive to re-establish the integral and essential relationship between regenerative systems (natural processes) and human activity.

  • Provide regenerative systems: Provide future generations with a sustainable environment supported by regenerative systems and resources.

  • Support a living process: Continuously re-evaluate assumptions and adapt to demographic and environmental change.

  • Use a collaborative and ethical approach: Encourage direct and open communication among colleagues, clients, other agencies, manufacturers, and site users to link long-term sustainability with environmental stewardship.

  • Maintain integrity in leadership and research: Implement transparent and participatory leadership, develop research with technical rigor, and communicate new findings that foster sustainable landscapes in a clear, consistent, and timely manner.

  • Foster environmental stewardship: In all aspects of site development and maintenance, foster an ethic of environmental stewardship with the understanding that healthy ecosystems improve the quality of life for present and future generations.


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バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design