WELL Building StandardとBiophilic design

建物が人の健康や幸福に与える影響を評価するシステム”WELL Building Standard®”が発表されました。

 The WELL Building Standard® is an evidence-based system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and wellbeing. 

このシステムはInternational WELL Building Institute (IWBI)が推進しており、LEEDの推進母体のGBCiもLEED+WELLとして推奨しています。 具体的には、対象建設物の空気や水、光など7つのカテゴリー(Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind.)と100の要素をエビデンスベースドで評価するもので、WELL APの認定制度もスタートしているようです。



WELL Certification can also generate increased savings and productivity, in addition to a
meaningful return on investment to the tenant and building owner.
By placing people at the heart of design, construction, operations and development
decisions, we have the ability to add meaningful value to real estate assets, generate
savings in personnel costs, and enhance the human experience, health and wellbeing.

WELL empowers the creation of healthy environments for people to live, work and play,
enhancing occupant health and quality of life globally.


このWELLと、本ブログ等でたびたび紹介してきた"Biophilic design"の関係性について解説しているブログの一部を転載します。


WELL Parallels with the 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design

As biophilia is but one piece of the wellness puzzle, the WELL Building Standard doesn’t elaborate on the intricacies and relationships between biophilia and other Features, but the relationships are there, it’s not all too difficult to identify them. Terrapin’s publication 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design is a tool that can be used to help articulate those relationships between nature, human biology and the design of the built environment so that we may experience the benefits of biophilia in our design applications. Table 1 indicates direct (in bold) and indirect parallels between WELL features and the 14 patterns [P] of biophilic design.

WELL Features that parallel patterns of biophilic design. Read more about the science behind each of these patterns in Terrapin’s publication 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design (2014).

WELLはまだスタートしたばかりですがBiophilic designと相まって今後関心が高まりそうです。



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