The Vibrant Cities & Urban Forests/都市の活性化と都市林

The Vibrant Cities & Urban Forestsのタスクチームが、活気ある都市づくりの鍵となる都市林に関する12のアクションを提示しています。


  1. Create a national education and awareness campaign.

  2. Foster urban forestry and natural resources stewardship and volunteerism.

  3. Create sustainable jobs in urban forestry and green infrastructure.

  4. Cultivate partnerships between public and private sectors.

  5. Develop new public administration models for urban ecosystems.

  6. Create comprehensive, multi-jurisdictional Urban Regional Natural Resource Plans.

  7. Integrate federal agencies’ green infrastructure goals.

  8. Establish energy efficiency programs that emphasize the use of trees.

  9. Ensure equal access to urban forestry and green infrastructure resources.

  10. Support collaborative urban ecosystem-focused research.

  11. Encourage open access to and use of social assessment tools.

  12. Establish national Vibrant Cities Standards.











バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design

ASLA Annual Meeting 2017 / Los Angeles

商業店舗におけるバイオフィリックデザイン採用のメリット/The Benefits of Biophilia and Greenery in Retail