The Landscape Architecture Award for Healthcare Environments


Vendome Groupが主催し、以下の3分野に関するランドスケープ作品が対象となるそうです

Acute care (Healthcare Design)—Acute care hospitals, ambulatory care centers, cancer centers, children’s hospitals, community hospitals, emergency departments, heart institutes, hospice, medical centers/office buildings, replacement hospitals, wellness centers (including environments that promote wellness), and other acute care settings.

Senior living (Environments for Aging and Long-Term Living)—Memory care facilities, assisted living, continuing care retirement communities, independent living, post-acute/rehabilitation, skilled nursing, wellness/fitness (including environments that promote active aging), and other senior living environments.

Behavioral health (Addiction Professional and Behavioral Healthcare)—addiction treatment centers, child and adolescent behavioral health clinics, eating disorder institutes, mental healthcare facilities, military medical centers, outpatient/substance use clinics, psychiatric hospitals, and other environments for mental health/substance use treatment.






バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design

ASLA Annual Meeting 2017 / Los Angeles

商業店舗におけるバイオフィリックデザイン採用のメリット/The Benefits of Biophilia and Greenery in Retail