LEED アイディア募集

このブログでも何度か紹介してきた、米国の建築物環境性能評価システムであるLEED/The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Designが、意見を募集しています。



LEED Open Call for Ideas

Welcome to the LEED Open Call for Ideas. This call is meant to provide a way for new ideas to be brought forward to help inform improvement to the LEED rating system.  USGBC is looking for input on improving existing technical criteria, proposals for new credits and feedback on LEED's overall effectiveness and rigor.  Your comments will be reviewed by USGBC, however no official individual responses will be posted.

Comments regarding LEED's delivery model, certification process, pricing, etc will not be considered as USGBC is looking for feedback specific to the technical requirements of the LEED rating system. 

The LEED Open Call for Ideas will take place from Monday, July 13 -Friday, August 7th 2009.








バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design


商業店舗におけるバイオフィリックデザイン採用のメリット/The Benefits of Biophilia and Greenery in Retail