Going Green From The Ground Up

 LEEDの動向、ゼネコンのビジネスチャンスそして、新たなガイドライン(Sustainable Sites Initiative" (SSI))の紹介記事です。


New Guidelines Coming

Current LEED standards certify green buildings and sustainable structures. However, no official guidelines from the U.S. Green Building Council focus exclusively on site exteriors. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is spearheading an effort to set this oversight straight. Called the "Sustainable Sites Initiative" (SSI), this new rating system will recognize performance in achieving sustainable sites much as LEED recognizes sustainable buildings. And the U.S. Green Building Council is on board: SSI guidelines will be incorporated into the next iteration of LEED standards.

Once the SSI guidelines are published in spring 2009, general contractors, landscape architects, developers, builders, and maintenance crews who are prepared to take advantage of them stand to see interest in obtaining their services rising.


Adopting green practices does require commitment, a pledge to look critically at the way a facility is built and run, and a willingness to change plans if needed. That may not be easy, but it is an effort that will pay for itself in improved health, greater productivity, less maintenance, reduced energy costs, and increased asset value.




Going Green From The Ground Up:http://www.acppubs.com/article/CA6568670.html?nid=4232


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    Why do we need a site-specific rating system?

    Green building standards developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and other organizations are a growing success story, providing guidance and motivation to reduce the environmental impact of buildings. Currently, these standards lack comprehensive criteria for sustainable landscapes and site components. Existing green building rating systems address some site issues, but do not fully address landscape sustainability. The Sustainable Sites initiative will fill this gap. <http://www.sustainablesites.org/products.htmlから引用>


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