April Fools issue of Faking Places/PPS

毎年恒例となっている、PPSのエイプリルフールニュース”Faking Place”



Faking Places 2008:US economy rebounds thanks to huge growth of farmers’ markets

2009 Making Places Update
With a new administration in the White House, first lady Michelle Obama is making plans for an extensive (and yet inexpensive) White House garden, showcasing that the “people’s lawn” can be used for something healthy, active and social.

Meanwhile, the number of farmers markets has increased 6% over the last two years. Additionally, PPS will host its 7th International Public Markets Conference on April 24-26 in San Francisco, focusing on how public markets reconnect local economies and communities.








バイオフィリックデザイン/Biophilic landscape design

ASLA Annual Meeting 2017 / Los Angeles

商業店舗におけるバイオフィリックデザイン採用のメリット/The Benefits of Biophilia and Greenery in Retail