2012 Siemens Sustainable Community Award Winners

2012 Siemens Sustainable Community Award Winners






In the category of large community,Chicago won the award for its multi-stakeholder approach to implementing the Chicago Climate Action Plan. Area businesses, advocacy groups, philanthropists, utilities, government offices, museums, and restaurants all play a part in achieving results against the plan, which is an element of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's broad strategy to integrate sustainability throughout Chicago and its government.

In the midsize community category,Santa Monica won the award for setting strategic citywide goals that are reinforced across multiple planning areas, such as resource conservation, economic growth, open space and land use, housing, transportation, civic participation, and human services.

In the small community category,Purcellville, won the award for its proactive use of land and natural resources. Additionally, Purcellville's "Go Green" goals are now part of the town's comprehensive sustainability plan. Despite the national recession, Purcellville thrives economically and has received recognition from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for its sustainability efforts.





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